Golden Globes

Amber Heard  - I guess right leg is once again having a moment, my question is why a bird nest on her head? 
Amy Adams - there's just something wrong with this look, can't exactly place it , but it's not working.
Cate Blanchett - All hail the queen. Even in black it's a pure perfection.

Emma Watson - double shot, because it's business up front and party at the back. Girls know what she's doing.
Hellen Mirren - All hail the queen. Wait, what?

Jemima Kirke - Just seen first episode of "Girls" new season, but I wasn't prepared for that. Total disaster. 
Jennifer Lawrence - duvet photos are funny, but the total look is the real winner. You want to hear sth funny? She was wearing Dior.
Kate Beckinsale - now that's the brunette barbie in the silver dress, has anyone seen Ken around?

Kate Mara - cosmic jumpsuit is still a huge NO in the 21st century, especially without any support.
Lena Dunham - did I say I wasn't prepared for Jemima's look? Well no one prepared me for that either. Don't know whether to lough or cry.
Lupita Nyuong - elegance and class and according to all fashion websites, she's the one to watch.

Michelle Dockery - ok I know where my Christmas ornament went. Thank you lady Mary! 
Sandra Bullock and Zoe Saldana - Prabal Gurung is not an easy designer to pull off on the red carpet I admit that, but I would like to know who has chosen this dress for Sandra? We all know she's not 16 any more people.
Zooey Deschanel - loving it! So Zoey and so cute. If you can't decide go for Oscar de La Renta - always a good choice (well apparently not to Lady Mary).

I simply had to ;)

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