MTV VMA 2013

Let's face the fact that VMA's are not about music any more. It's all about who will make a bigger fool of themselves on the stage. C'mon people it's not even shocking anymore. I will not dwell on the matter too long (some adjectives come to mind ex.g. pathetic), but go straight to the wardrobe choices. Shocking as it may be, not everyone forgot how to dress:

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Coco Rocha in Fausto Puglisi jacket - I would change the black trousers, but it is quite fierce and event appropriate.
Ellie Goulding - spiky brilliant.

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Joan Smalls - of course the model knows how it's done, nothing to add here.
Selena Gomez in Atelier Versace - I had a mixed feelings about this one. Everywhere else this dress would be tacky, but here it all seems to work nicely. Surprised.

Enough of the good stuff, lets take out the big, I mean huge guns:

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Hello my name is Justin, Justin the homeless mime.
Taylor Swift in Herve Leger By MaxAzria - how she tries, oh my God, how she tries...

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That one has no idea who put her in that dress and from her expression I can see she doesn't know why.
Rita Ora - Beyonce's hair, unflattering dress and I'm on high face expression. Very event appropriate.

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And she still doesn't give a damn...
Good evening everyone, I'm Gwen Stefani, not Miley, please dont's say Disney out loud, I had nothing to do with it.

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What's up with I can't afford the whole dress trend?

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Lil Kim - I won't even start with that one.
I took my own duvet just in case it will get cold.

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And last but not least Bruno - the pimp from Miami.

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