Golden Globes

Awards season is finally upon us and it time to start. Let me begin with Golden Globes. I was even thinking about streaming the red carpet live, but afterwards I've decided that going to work sleep deprived wasn't the greatest idea ever (duh). So I went through the footage several times and there's only one thing that comes to mind - extremely boring. Is it just me or those dresses are getting more and more predictable and monotonous every single time? When you can wear almost everything what do you do? wear something safe (yawn). Therefore to make things slightly more interesting to myself I hereby present you the 'Who the hell told you to wear that dress' list. And let me tell you it wasn't easy to choose winners with so many strong contestants! 

Debra Messing in Donna Karan
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Yes, smile awkwardly and hope no one will notice that your dress is making you look like a square.

Eva Longoria in Emilio Pucci
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Eva - the Latin Angelina Jolie with shorter leg and bird nest on her head.

Halle Berry in Atelier Versace
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Why someone so hot would do something like that to himself? Yes Halle, you do look CHEAP.

Jessica Chastain in Calvin Klein
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Ok my hair look awkward, but hey look at my breasts - just like my grandma's !

Kaley Cuoco in Zuhair Murad
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I guess her stylist forbid her to look in the mirror. Too bad.

Lena Dunham in Zac Posen
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The rumor has is that they had to carry her in, because she was unable to move in that frame.

Sienna Miller in Erdem
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Generally love her style but that dress looks like Christmas wrapping paper.

Lucy Liu in Carolina Herrera
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Yeah, I took some of those leaves from behind and glued it to my dress, don't I look lovely.

Let's hope that the next post will be, oh forget it, I had fun writing this, so bring it on!

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