Cannes 2011

How I wish I could be there! The weather, the stars and most of all: fashion. Oh yeah, this is a great place for fashion statements, especially when Uma Thurman is in the jury, which means we can see her in at least four different outfits during the day. In the first part of my Cannes projection, I present you with the best and the worst outfits so far (according to me of course, and I'm being, as usual, totally and utterly subjective). Here we are, ladies and, well, probably only ladies:

Ile bym dała, żeby być teraz w Cannes! Pogoda, gwiazdy i moda. O tak, to idealne miejsce, żeby zostać zapamiętanym ze względu na swój strój, zwłaszcza kuszące jest śledzenie kreacji Umy Thurman, która zasiada w jury, co oznacza jedno - zmiana strojów przynajmniej 4 razy dziennie! Pierwsza część prezentacji najlepszych i najgorszych strojów w Cannes do tej pory przed wami (jestem, jak zwykle, całkowicie i totalnie subiektywna w ocenie). Zaczynamy więc, panie i prawdopodobnie, tylko panie:

This one is called: Why, in the name of God?

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1. Fan Bing Bing - too much of everything, but I don't deny it could be elegant, COULD.
2. Cheryl Cole - hootchie. That's all I'm going to say.
3. I have no idea who that lady is, but I'm quite sure that is not Lady Gaga's little sister, right?
4.Penelope Cruz - this is not the dress for her, she kinda looks big in it, and although I know it's Givenchy, it looks like a night gown.

This part on the other hand - Hallelujah

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1.Diane Kruger - she's one of the few celebrities I'm longing to see on the red carpet (and not only because she's dating Joshua Jackson) 
2. Uma Thurman - all hail to the goddess. One word: awesome.
3. Tilda Swinton - I had to put it in, if you don't know why by now (little clue: shoes)

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1. Rachel McAdams - get out of the way, my train is coming. She nailed it.
2. Sarah Jessica Parker - I dare say that she is the only one, able to rock this Elie Saab's dress. It's Carrie, for God's sake.
3. Mia Wasikowski - it looks like Cate Blanchett II is being born. Pure elegance.

And that one I'm going to leave without any comment...

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Nah, actually, I have to write something cause that dress would make some really nice curtains, don't you think?

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