Cannes 2011 vol. 2

I am proud to admit that the second part of the famous festival was satisfactory when it comes to clothes, and I found it hard to choose the most inspiring outfits. So, in order not to bore you with my brilliant insight, here we go:

Z radością stwierdzam, że druga część festiwalu nie zawiodła pod względem garderoby i nawet z trudem przyszło mi wybrać najlepsze kreacje. Nie zanudzając więc zbędną, ale moją jakże niesamowitą gadaniną, zaczynamy:

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1. Kirsten Dunst - she looks amazing, I am not a big fan of her, but I give her credit for wearing this dress.
2. Bryce Dallas Howard - I didn't know who she was, until I saw Hereafter (btw. an amazing movie). Nevertheless, this is a perfect outfit!
3. Elizabeth Olsen - yeah, another Olsen girl, and guess what? She's wearing a dress from Twins line.

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1. Dasha Zhukova - love that dress. And nope, I don't know who she is. Google it.
2. Elizabeth Olsen - deja vu? 
3. Kirsten Dunst - wtf?!  One more time, I couldn't believe it myself, but who doesn't love Rodarte, right?

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1. Milla Jovovich - she's a stunner in this dress. I haven't seen her looking this good in a long time.
2. Clemence Poesy - she is here not because I am a huge Harry Potter fan (well, not ONLY because of that). Perfect look, miss Fleur.
3. Sarah Jessica Parker - and the Queen is back, how the hell does she do it?

And now something that is not as pleasant. I don't know who that lady is, but she just screams for an intervention! Please help.

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