And the Oscar went to...

It's hard to imagine how much can one miss when being left for several days without the Internet. Designers are being fired, placed in mental institutions, new trends and tendencies are evoking, not to mention The Paris Fashion (Panic) Week. 
Anyway, I know it's been almost a week since we came to know the Oscar winners (please clap for my personal favourite, "The King's Speech"!!), but I have to share some thoughts. Above all things,  I am very disappointed. I know the gala was stylish and everything, but most of the stars played it safe, which I found extremely boring. So here are my top dresses, and yeah, that is all that I found worthy!

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Anne Hathaway - I loved the vintage Valentino and Armani Prive was unbelievable! I know Rachel Zoe did a great job, but I would have gone a step further, especially because the clothes were the only interesting thing about her and not the fact that she was one of the hosts. Maybe it was Franco's fault? I mean, he did look high, right?

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1,2. Florence Welch - I love the Valentino (earlier post, duh). Welcome, the only person that made me hold my breath when I saw her.
3. Michelle Williams - she looked as she always does, but admit it, you do WANT to look at her in that Chanel dress.
4. Mila Kunis - I liked the dress, just wasn't sure it was suitable for that night, kinda gives me a prom vibe...

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1. Cate Blanchett - despite the fact that she's an amazing actres,s she wore the dress that just had to happen, and she nailed it!
2. Helen Mirren - Queen Helen got it right one more time. I wasn't convinced from the start, but after seeing all the other dresses one thing was sure - she should show some of them how it's done!
3. Helena Bonham Carter - Queen Helena. What can I say, love her, love her style. Period.
4. Sunrise Coigney - The biggest surprise of all. Just flawless! 

To sum it up, I am not waiting impatiently for the next year's gala, and yes, after a week's parting with my laptop, I do feel like I was in rehab (which gives me creeps).

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